Thomas S. Monson
Anciently God chose Holy men, to reveal his Holy mind and will to.  He usually gave them commandments, or instructions, to give us, the people.  These instructions are found in the Holy Bible, and other modern day scriptures.  The Lord said that he would do nothing, but he would reveal his secrets to his servants the Prophets.

A miracle has happened in our day.  God has chosen a living prophet, on the earth in our day.  He reveals his Holy mind and will, to him, daily.  His words are found in a special sacred magazine, monthly, and we can see and hear him speak to us. He reveals the Lord's holy mind and will to us, in a wonderful spirit of Love.  His name is President Thomas S. Monson.  He has been blessed with 12 other Holy men, whom the Lord has chosen, to carry forth his holy mind and will to the world.  They support, the Prophet of God, and testify that he is the chosen mouth piece of God. 

The true church of Jesus Christ, which existed anciently, has once again been restored to the earth, with glorious revevations, visits from Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  They have sent their servants, heavenly messengers, to the earth, to restore the Priesthood power and authority, once again to the earth.  We have been given more scripture, revealing the Lord's mind and will, and instructions to us.  They have been revealed by ancient interpreters, called the Urim and Thummim, through which, these scriptures have been intrepreted from ancient manuscripts, buried in a hill called cumorah. 

I rejoice in the restoration of the True Church of Jesus Christ, in our day.  The light has broken forth, the heavens have been opened, and the Lord has once again called Prophets and Apostles of The Lord Jesus Christ, to the earth in these the latter-days.  One of the records we now have, from the earth, is the Book of Mormon.  It is a second witness, that Jesus Christ, is indeed the very son of God, the Messiah, the redeemer of mankind, our Lord and Savior.  He is the only begotton of the Father.  He calls on all men to repent and be baptized, and thus be forgiven of our sins, through his atonement for all mankind. 

Hearken all ye nations, and hear, that salvation is now at hand for all of us. The warning voice is now among us, and The Lord has sent his servants, as missionaries among us.  He is giving all men the chance to choose him, as their Lord and God, and come unto him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  His hand is outstretched to all men, He would gather us together as a hen gathereth its chickens.  His love is so great for all mankind, that he gave his life for our sins, if we would but accept him and repent.  Hear the warning voice of The Lord's servants. 

The day of his warning is upon all men.  The gospel is being taken to all nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples.  The day of the Gentiles is about to be fulfilled.  The missionaries are about to be called home.  The Lord's voice is about to be proclaimed:  "It is enough."  Then the testimony of his servants, the missionaries, will be completed.  The warning voice will end.  Then the testimony of earth quakes, tempests, war, and calamaties, shall be the voice of the Lord, unto the wicked.  The Lord is soon going to return to the earth.  Signs prophesyed by prophets throughout history, shall come forth, to signify that the time has come.  The righetous, through the Spirit of God, will be able to recognize that the time is upon us. 

There is still time to repent and come unto him, and become cleansed from your sins, and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The Priesthood powers, are promised to faithful and righteous men, to bless and help guide and watch over their families, and the The Lord's church and kingdom on the earth today.  A great work is being done now upon the earth, where all those who have lived upon the earth, are able to have their families and their marriages, bound together, into eternal families and marriages, called sealings.  These are performed by sacred ordinances, in Holy Temples, upon the Earth, that the Lord has commanded to be built for these purposes.  The Lord is loving and kind, and merciful all mankind.  He has provided a plan whereby all men may be saved from their sins, join his kingdom on earth and in heaven, and have their baptisms performed for all our ancestors.  There is a mighty missionary work being performed in the world of the dead, among the spirits of the departed, whereby they can learn of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and accept him as their Savior.  Those who have died do not have their bodies any more, so they cannot be baptized.  This is an earthly ordinance, which must be done upon the earth.  We, as righteous, men and women, can do the baptisms for them, in their behalf, and they can accept this ordinance performed for them.  How glorious the plan of the Lord is. 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in our day!  Apostles and prophets minister among us.  We are promised that we can know of a surety of it's truthfulness!  We are promised in Moroni 10:4, that If we pray humbly, and sincerely, with real intent, that the truthfulness will be made known unto us by the power of the Holy Ghost.  Come unto Jesus Christ my brothers and sisters, and let him heal you.  He will regard the humble prayer!  I pray for you, and say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.