In this insightful poem, Sister Snow values Peace of Conscience as the greatest contributor to personal happiness.  No matter what challenges or opposition we may face, no matter what worldly honors or riches we may or may not obtain, regardless of the opinions of strangers or loved ones, if our conscience whispers "all is well" then we have a claim on true happiness.

The noblest, proudest joys that this 
       World's favor can dispense,
Are far inferior to the bliss
       Of conscious innocence.
The joy that in the bosom flows,
       No circumstance can bind;
It is a happiness that knows
       No province but the mind.

It makes the upright soul rejoice,
       With weight of ills opprest,
To hear the soothing, still small voice
       Low whispering in the breast.
The favor of the mighty God,
       The favor of His Son,
The Holy Spirit shed abroad,
       The hope of life to come,

Are higher honors, richer worth,
       Surpassing all reward--
Than kings and princes of the earth
       Have taken or conferr'd.
And when, in Christ, the spirit finds
       That sweet, that promis'd rest,
In spite of every power that binds,
       We feel that we are blest.

Though vile reproach its volumes swell,
       And friends withdraw their love;
If conscience whispers, "All is well,"
       And God and heaven approve;
We'll triumph over every ill,
       And hold our treasure fast;
And stand at length on Zion's hill,
       Secure from every blast.