The intent of this outline on the California Constitutional Marriage Amendment is to equip and empower those who revere the family as the sacred, fundamental unit of society so that they can engage articulately and persuasively in the conversation.  Please read the entire document and take any action you deem appropriate.  “We ignore the complete cultural implications of our faith.  And then we’re shocked by the state of the culture.”  - Charles Colson


There are five sections below.  The first is a summary of the California Marriage Amendment (Proposition 8) and three of the most fundamental arguments for its passage.  The second contains further and more detailed arguments in favor of the amendment.  The third lists common arguments from same-sex marriage proponents as well as suggested rebuttals.  The fourth contains an outline of some of the significant events that have led up to the current marriage plight.  Finally, the fifth section contains a list of must reads, websites, and resources for further research.  Virtually all of the wording is culled from the excellent resources I cite both within and at the end of the document.  For time’s sake, I have almost invariably used the language of the books, interviews, and articles.  Very little is my own except for the passion and the manner of composition. 

To leave comments or engage in dialogue about this outline, please go to the comments area at the end of section 5.  I have also posted an interesting dialogue with a personal friend which you can read.

Section 1 – What Is Proposition 8?
Section 2 – Further Considerations
Section 3 – Rebuttals to Arguments Against Proposition 8
Section 4 – History / Timeline
Section 5 – Further References / Leave Comments