When I was a child growing up in Las Vegas, most of my friends and neighbors were actively involved with their personal preferrence of religion.  The Catholics, the Jews, the Methodists, the Mormons--all went to church.

     I have noticed that subsequent generations have slipped away from regular attendance at worship services except for special life events, funerals and weddings, where God or some meaning and permanence to life is acknowledged or sought after.

     Our wise Father sent us to earth with a List to guide us through the experience of life.  This List is called The Commandments because, being God's List, its comes with rewards and consequences. One of the items on His List is Go to Church.  "....they did walk after the commandments which they had received from their Lord...in meeting together oft both to pray and to hear the word of the Lord."  (4 Nephi 1:12)  We also came to earth with a congenital disability, a condition of Spiritual Alzheimers.  We can't remember anything of an Eternal nature for any length of time: The List, the blessings or the Giver.  We let it go.  We forget, We drift.

     Church is a clinic for drifters and we ALL are.  It is not a social club for those "in the know."  Because they forget, too.  Church helps us to remember.  Church helps us to do those things that will bring us the greatest happiness.  Church helps us to help others who have also forgotten.

     An LDS Sacrament Meeting is designed to renew covenenants made at baptism--to always remember Christ, who sacrificed for our welfare, who died that we and all those we dearly love will live again.  It is meant to revitalizse our spirit, the part of us that without constant nourishment goes dormant, grows cold and dies.  Through the related experience of others, we gain strength and come alive again in spiritual ways. Through the teachings of His gospel we gain hope and can see our way ahead.  We recognize truth.  We have insight into those problems that constantly beset us.  We see direction through dilema.  We see purpose in our trials.  We witness the presence of angels walking beside us.  We feel His awesome love.

     You can expect opposition when you decide to go back to church.  Count on it.  It is contrary to the plan of the adversary.  You can sit back and watch the myriad reasons he throws at you not to go.  It's too early.  People there will look down on me.  I have a ball game.  My family doesn't want me to go.  I don't have anything to wear.  It is my only day off.  I'm not worthy.  I will be expected to do more.  I'll go next week.

     Some of these will be harder to resist and see through than others, but the gifts you receive through obedience to this commandment make all the deterrents fade away.  Your family and others will receive the blessings of your efforts.  With your renewed spiritual acuity you can live a more positive, productive life, going back to the "well" of your blessings  for your weekly kick start.

     And yes, you will want to do more.  You will long for the presence of the Spirit daily through an open dialogue of prayer with your Father in Heaven.  You will seek the counsel of the prophets, ancient and modern, in the scriptures to guide your actions.  You will eventually want to reach out and help others because you have been there and know the way back. 

      But it all starts with the first step.  With your regrets behind you, seek the comforting companionship you will find through the open doors of the chapel.  Just do it. Go to church.