I've been searching for a job for the past 6 weeks and it has been a complete frustrating struggle.  But some how I have managed to keep an optimistic attitude. 

I believe that my Heavenly Father has been in my life.  Though it has been a struggle, I need to make it known to myself and to others that our Heavenly Father and his Son are watching out for us.  I think that my optimism comes from the scriptures. 

One particular one has to be D&C 37:7  "...mine eyes are upon you.  I am in your midst and ye cannot see me..."  I am sure He has been with me through this tough time and is preparing me for what is to come.  I believe in Him with all my heart.  I know that He cares and is watching out for me. 

I know that Satan is real and desires us to be miserable and pessimistic about things.  I know the minute we give him even an inch he will take it and try to gain more.  I know God loves me, but he loves me too much to leave me the way that I am now.