Question: Where in a timeline does the Book of Mormon fit in with the Old Testament and the New Testament? Nephi speaks of Moses, Abraham and Isaiah so he must have lived after them but when? Is the Book of Mormon in between the two books overlapping to end after the New Testament?

Answer: The Book of Mormon narration begins in the first year of King Zedekiah, who was the last King of Judah before Jerusalem was captured, the temple was destroyed, and most of the inhabitants were carried into Babylon. (2 Kings 24:18) The prophet Lehi was also a contemporary of the prophet Jeremiah, who was cast into prison by the unbelieving Jews and carried into Babylon with them. So, the Book of Mormon continues from this point in Old Testament history (roughly 600 BC) through the time of Christ and on to approximately 400 AD). One exception is the book of Ether, which is a translation of an ancient record found by the people of Nephi. It relates the migration of the Jaredites from the confounding of the languages at the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) and continues until it overlaps the history of the Nephites.