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Anthony Celaya

Born & raised in San Mateo, CA. Education: BA Honors Spanish, BYU, cum laude, 1994. JD, BYU Law School, 1999. Family: Married 12/19/96 to Mary Elizabeth Celaya (BA English, BYU '99, having attended school through two pregnancies). 6 children. Hobbies: reading to kids, any physical activity. Berkeley, CA LDS Institute Director and Attorney in Norther California.

 Articles by this Author

The intent of this outline on the California Constitutional Marriage Amendment is to equip and empower those who revere the family as the sacred, fundamental unit of society so that they can engage articulately and persuasively in the conversation.  Please read the entire document and take any action you deem appropriate.

A former High School friend, who I ran into recently and later saw all of the Prop 8 propaganda on my Facebook account, asked me about my views on the issue. We have been emailing back and forth since.

Discussion with a friend on Prop 8.  A continuation of a discussion of California's Proposition 8 from an interview on XX Factor, a radio program on LA Talk Radio.

A former missionary companion asked me some questions about Prop 8 and the Church.

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