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Deanna Lambson

I'm thrilled to be a first-time contributor to this site. We can learn so much from each other. I serve in the primary and was asked to prepare a talk for stake conference but was not given a topic. The theme for this talk was prompted by a conversation I had with a friend, a high school senior who wasn't sure if he "knew" like everyone else did. My prayer was that it would  help him realize he "knew" more than he thought he did. The response from other adults was really overwhelming, letting me know that almost all of us ask this question at some time in our lives. I hope it can be a blessing to you and your children. I enjoy staying at home with our 4 big boys and 1 little girl and sending packages to our missionary son in Russia.

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Recently, I was visiting with a young friend over breakfast about his future plans. As a senior, life looks a little frightening and confusing. This dear friend said to me, “I’m just not sure about a mission. You see, I’m just not sure that I know.”  I have thought about it repeatedly since then. My young friend’s question is one that I have had before, perhaps you have had before… Do I really have a testimony?  I’d like to tell you about 4 people who had the same question.

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