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Paul Brooks

Paul Brooks is a member of the Grays Ward, Romford Stake in the United Kingdom.  He served as a missionary in France.  Paul hosts a religious radio show every week designed to increase awareness of religious issues and local congregations. "When I asked to join Phoenix FM, I mentioned that I was a voluntary missionary for 2 years in France. The station manager was intrigued by this and I was invited to explain more about my religious beliefs and service in France.  I was then offered the chance to begin a brand new religious show once a week that they had been wanting to start but couldn't find anyone with the religious background to do it."  On his first night on the air, Paul invited his local Bishop in to talk about the Church's core beliefs.

 Articles by this Author

Many youth and young adults in the church want to talk to those around them about the gospel but aren’t sure who to talk to, but returned missionary Paul Brooks from the Romford Stake in the United Kingdom has no problem finding people to listen to him! As a radio presenter at his local radio station, he finds his hobby is a great way to talk about the church and gain friendships with those around him.

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