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Eliza R. Snow

Although she died more than 120 years ago, celebrated Mormon poet Eliza R. Snow continues to capture the heart of Mormon believers. Born in Massachusetts in 1805, she joined the church in 1835 and moved to Kirtland, Ohio. Eliza was devoted to the gospel and used her literary talent to teach, testify and record important events. The poems reproduced here are from her first published book, Poems: Religious, Political, Historical, printed in 1856.

 Articles by this Author

In this poem, beloved Mormon poet Eliza R. Snow encouraged the downtrodden saints of her day to lift up their hearts and rejoice in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Her message of hope and courage likewise calls to us as we face the modern battles of today.

Beloved Mormon poet, Sister Eliza R. Snow, bears her testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ using the poetic language of a psalm.

In this insightful poem, Sister Snow values Peace of Conscience as the greatest contributor to personal happiness.  No matter what challenges or opposition we may face, no matter what worldly honors or riches we may or may not obtain, regardless of the opinions of strangers or loved ones, if our conscience whispers "all is well" then we have a claim on true happiness.

My Own Home

In this little-known poem by famous Mormon poet Eliza R. Snow, she boldly describes the feelings of Mormons about home and family, and the promise of our eternal home with God. Home, to Sister Snow, is of greater worth than princely crowns, splendid halls, fashion, fame or riches.

In this poem, Sister Snow reveals the power of education in transforming our undeveloped, rudimentary minds into the polished gem of wisdom.  Each of us is, beneath the surface, a beautiful gem that can only be revealed in its true splendor through the pursuit of knowledge.

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