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Daryl Hoole

Daryl Hoole, a native of Salt Lake City, has written and lectured extensively on home management and family living. She authored six books, including the long-term, best-selling book The Art of Homemaking. She has spoken at BYU Education Week for over twenty-five years. She has served in all the Church auxiliaries, fulfilled two missions to the Netherlands and one to Hong Kong. She and her husband, Hank, are the parents of eight living children and the grandparents of thirty-six.

 Articles by this Author

Children are extremely perceptive in picking up the emphasis, or priority, of our homes and lifestyles, however subtle it may be. Think for a moment and be honest with yourself — how do you stress such things as education, music, sports, vacations, fun times, traditions, clean houses, good food, and material possessions?

In the dedicatory prayer of the Kirtland Temple in 1836, the Lord revealed the high standard of devotion he desired for his people as they endeavored to become temple worthy and visit his house. This is also the pattern for each of us to follow as we strive to establish gospel-centered homes.

Certainly in a world where our children are surrounded by evil influences and are confronted by temptations at every turn, the promise of such divine protection for them brings hope and reassurance.

If Mother is not happy, everyone in the family feels the negative effects. Husbands and children struggle. The entire family is disheartened and a feeling of discouragement prevails in the home. The tool the adversary uses to destroy or at least derail the righteous is discouragement.

Traditional events or activities may seem fairly insignificant standing alone, but put together and enjoyed time after time, they spell solidarity in family life. Blessed is the home that is rich in them.

My first stop was a fourth grade class. I held up my book and began to talk, only to realize I didn’t know what to say. How does one explain The Ultimate Career of motherhood to ten-year-olds?

A subtle but strong message is sent to our husbands and children when we keep house for the family and company is welcome anytime. In this way, our family feels like company and our friends feel like family.

If there ever is to be peace on earth, we first must find the way to peace in our hearts and homes. In striving toward peace in our homes and personal lives, we are greatly blessed, through the gospel of Jesus Christ, to understand the power of the Atonement in healing and helping us in our quest.

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