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God may be the gardener, but who am I?

This week I have been thinking about Les Miserables. My life is nothing like the French revolution, but I find myself identifying with most of the characters in this story (admit it, we all have a little Thenardier in us). Like Valjean I have asked, "who am I?"

In all honesty, I have a fairly good idea of who I am. The real question is, "who can I become?" "What is it that I am supposed to do with my life?

I know my divine heritage. The general authorities continually remind us that we are children of God. Unlimited potential and all that. While I am grateful for the relationship that I have with my Heavenly Father, I find that it provides little comfort as I struggle to find my niche in this life.

What I want will never come. I want someone to tell me what to do. What to study, where to work, who to date... The problem is that there is no one right answer. It's that agency thing all over again.  

God may be the gardener, but it is up to me to decide which garden I am going to grow in. I haven't found the right garden yet. However, I do know that my Father in Heaven wants me to be happy. When I find the right place, He will help me to grow into who I am supposed to be.

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6 Comments about "God may be the gardener, but who am I?"

said this on 09 Jun 2008 10:44:31 AM CDT
"God is the gardner but we get to choose the garden." Great insight! I too, sometimes wish I had my perfect life mapped out for me instead of having to figure it out on my own. Fortunately, I have learned that when we choose the wrong garden, Heavenly Father gives us gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) nudges to get us back on track. If we listen, he will guide us line upon line in the proper direction for our own happiness. Great post! (My favorite Les Mis character is Gavroche - "little people can make a difference.")

Andrew ( Author/Admin)
said this on 09 Jun 2008 7:59:16 PM CDT
You raise a good point. I've noticed that some of those nudges can be quite painful. Not unlike pulling weeds I suppose. The more carnal, sensual and devilish (and selfish) parts of our natures have to die (be pulled) before we can truly flourish.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

said this on 12 Jun 2008 11:14:18 AM CDT
Which makes me think that I shouldn't resist so much when God is trying to teach me a lesson. Perhaps part of the difficulty is that we tend to be so focused on this life, it's challenges and worries, where God has the eternal perspective. His pruning and "weed pulling" is designed to make us better people in the eternal sense. I guess we need to keep that in mind.

said this on 10 Jun 2008 9:58:37 AM CDT
Great thoughts Andrew! I keep waiting for my crystal ball so that I know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing and who exactly I'm supposed to be. So I struggle around in life trying to figure it out. And I agree, there's not just one right answer to all our struggles. I think the most important thing is to follow the Spirit and know that we're trying our hardest and that if we keep going....we will make it.

We have to remember that we chose this plan. We could have chosen a plan whereby everything was determined for us. I think I 'll take my struggles. :)

said this on 28 Aug 2009 7:56:37 PM CDT
Dear Jennifer,
I read a lot of blogs about trying to find out what we're supposed to do with our lives. I think you all must be in your twenties or thirties, suffering from the effects of the recession, joblessness, etc. Remember it's not what you do, it's who you are. Too much emphasis is put on what your job is, not enough on who you are as a human being. That's society placing the pressure. Don't give in to it. Are you in school, or do you have a job? Or are children your job?

said this on 28 Aug 2009 7:49:30 PM CDT
Dear Andrew,
As I stay up late at night not knowing where or with who my son is with even though he is a 30 year old man, I want to just tell you I appreciate your depth of thought and self honesty. If my son, who is suffering from the Iraq war and ptsd, alcoholism, and losing his family could only look inside himself a fraction of what you do, he would find more answers to the pain of life. Pray for him. I'll pray for you. Keep searching, the truth is always there to be found. I am a fellow searcher. I need, my son needs, the prayers of one like you.

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