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What do you do if you don’t like your Bishop?

Last Saturday I was giving a tour at the Conference Center and a man visiting from another area of the country asked me, after briefly discussing how the church was organized, what we did when we didn’t like our Bishop.  He said, “Do you vote him out or do you just move to another congregation?”  He was very serious and we talked about the church.


He had genuine interest about some of the things in the church.  He wanted to know about the Book of Mormon.  He had the idea that it was the same as the Bible and that there was not a lot of difference.  I gave him a short explanation of the Book of Mormon.  As we walked through the exhibit of Arnold Friberg’s Book of Mormon pictures, we talked about Apostles and Prophets living today. 


As the tour ended, I asked him, “If what I have told you is true, do you want to find out for yourself?”  He answered in the affirmative. 


He said, “I think I can get a Book of Mormon from one of my Mormon friends.”  I told him to do that and that it would probably knock their socks off.  We both laughed.  He then said an interesting thing.  “I don’t think they are 100% Mormon’s.”  “They don’t do everything they are supposed to do.”  Then he said, “Maybe I’ll just go over to Temple Square and fill out one of the cards.  They said I could get one delivered for free.”


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1 Comment about "What do you do if you don’t like your Bishop?"

said this on 12 Jun 2008 10:07:08 AM CDT
I have been chuckling about your title all morning long! Since all of the positions in our church are volunteer, we need to support and sustain each other in spite of all our imperfections. Your blog made me think about what kind of Mormom I am. Thanks!

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