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Peace in the Temple

In a world longing for peace, there doesn't seem to be much of it.  Wars, natural disasters, professional demands, crime, economic troubles, not to mention personal and family challenges, all erode our peace and leave only stress and worry in their wake.  The only source of personal peace is the Lord, Jesus Christ who said, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you, Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." (John 14:27)  I do find peace in the gospel, and nowhere is it more abundant than in the Lord's house: the temple. How blessed we are as members of His church to be invited regularly to visit His house and partake of the beautiful, tranquil feelings which thrive therein. 

I love attending the temple because of the peace I find there.  Recently, I was sitting in a preparation meeting at the Jordan River Temple.  Some of my everyday worries and troubles had followed me there and my mind was distracted as I sat during the opening hymn.  Finally, my attention was caught by the words that we were singing.  It was a familiar hymn, yet the meaning had never struck me as it did on that occasion.  Here are the words:

Why should this anxious load
Press down your weary mind?
Haste to your Heav'nly Father's throne
And sweet refreshment find.

His goodness stands approved,
Unchanged from day to day;
I'll drop my burden at his feet
And bear a song away.*

It was as if the Lord himself were speaking to me, inviting me, as His guest in His house, to remove my burden of cares and receive the peace that He offers. A sweet, calm feeling filled my soul and my worries were gone. This is the blessing of the temple and it is available to all of us as we present ourselves worthy and willing to enter His holy house often.

*Hymns, "How Gentle God's Command" verse 3-4, hymn #125

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2 Comments about "Peace in the Temple"

Marcia Day
said this on 18 Jun 2008 3:34:01 PM CDT
Thank you for your reminder of the blessings of the Temple. It truly is a place of refuge from the storms of life. I know the Lord, Jesus Christ is always there for us to lighten our burdens, if we just trust in Him and ask for His assistance in our lives. We have a greater ability to overcome our trials with Him on our team.

Emanuel Zevallos
said this on 04 Jan 2009 11:25:24 PM CDT
We have spiritual bodies which contain covenant-searching genes inherited from our Heavenly Father, and the only place where our spirit body can feel peace is in the temple. The temple is a place where we can rejoice as children of God in learning that there is a pathway leading back to Him. I'm inspired by your writing, keep it up brother.

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