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Hello Testimonial

Everyone has got to start somewhere and I am starting here. This is my first experience with the blogosphere.  I am extremely glad to be cutting my teeth in this atmosphere and on a subject that I feel so passionate about.

By way of introduction first I would ask you to please excuse my pen name. The only reason I chose to write under an alias is that I thought it would be “cool” and original, and it would give me a certain amount of anonymity so I could feel comfortable sharing some of the more personal insights I have gleaned; also I have a fetish for the temple, as many of you know the Temple is full of symbolism. Actually that is how I was introduced to the idea of writing here; I work at the temple with a brother, who happens to be the son of one of my elementary school principals.  Anyway, we got talking and this web site was brought up, I’ve always wanted to blog so, I was a willing draftee. There you go; shazzam I’m here.

I want this first effort of mine to be my testimony of the work through a little bit of insight into my life. I was born in the covenant (meaning I was born to LDS parents).  I have grown up in a loving household, for which the credit goes to my momma and dad, of course. Growing up I always went to church. Achieved the things that have been set for LDS youth to achieve: Duty to God, Eagle Scout, Seminary Graduate etc… Later I served a mission for the church in the San Bernardino California Mission.  While I did all these things the connection between me and the savior ebbed and flowed. Like most people I made some mistakes, some serious some not so. To tell you the truth that is how I gained the knowledge that the LDS church is true. Following my adolescence I was a searcher. Through youthful experimentation I came to recognize that I had always been conscious of God being there.  It was by the feelings the truth presented to my heart: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance, the familial feelings, that I gained and regained my spiritual consciousness. The gospel’s true. I speak from experience.

A little about my experience as a missionary; the synonym: marvelous. To be able to cry the song of redeeming love for two years is the greatest experience I have had thus far, something many of my colleagues would also claim. I met many wonderful people, some not so wonderful. All needed what I had to share, not many knew that fact, and some knew but would not face the music. One of the many things I learned and something I would like to stress here is that there is a testimony to be had. If you have not gained one, gain one. If you have one, use it and strengthen it. Life is too short to not to search for whatever eternal truth there is to be had.



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