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Oh, How I Long for This Day

 A poem by Emanuel Francis Zevallos Guerra
     One day, I'll ask a class why we preach the Gospel to our fellow man,
     Then all the children and young adults will simultaneously raise their hand,
     One day we will all visually see the light of Christ and segregation will be no more,
     In this final dispensation, in one single day, millions of testimonies will be born,
     We'll all look outside as He arrives in supernal glory!
     Just as our Prophet predicted in his talks on biblical non-fiction stories,
     The Son of Man and his twelve disciples come from the gleaming clouds,
     Traffic comes to a screeching halt, as we hear as thunder "All Saints Stand Proud!!"

There are those who lived righteously who won't run to the churches to repent,
     Others stand in line waiting to show our life book, that He may judge what it meant.
Others, how I've pondered and prayed for those that run for these sanctuaries,
     Waiting last minute to live the gospel and ignored the knocks of those missionaries.
I see a day where Baptisms are as numerous as the birth of children on this earth,
     And the majority knows the soul and how God sees our worth,
Where fun is redefined as attaining and extending the Gospel of our Lord,
     Where all Latter-day Saints will uphold their spiritual sword.

How glorious the priesthood miracles will be, like showers of Jehovah's love,
     When Jesus, introduced by his Angel Moroni, all angels will sing from above,
Then the Angels together sing almost intolerably loud,
     The Proud Gentile ears begin to burn and feel compelled to praise and bow,
We will all see the hills flattened, Satan loosed, and people begin to flee,
     How Beautiful is the Merciful Jesus as he still hears our plea!
How exciting the day when millions preach what is contained in Joseph Smith Jr.'s vision,
     How gracefully we will volunteer to fulfill Gods will in a steady hand of precision.
I know Jesus will be on the right hand of God as he smiles,
     The Saints will stop waiting, for we've known this information for a while,
I will pray because I know in my heart we will be alive to see this,
     Hold Fast to our Gospel and spread it, so everyone can gain what they have truly missed.
Our Lord will hug us saying, "I'm finally here to stay!"
     May we hold fast to the Rod of Iron, Oh how I long for this day!

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1 Comment about "Oh, How I Long for This Day"

Cathy Wilson
said this on 04 Aug 2008 8:47:12 AM CDT
Thank you for sharing your amazing conversion story and your search for truth. I met you this last weekend in Utah at the retreat and I was drawn to your "spirit". We had a chance meeting over dinner and we talked about writing but after reading your story, I am so impressed with your commitment to authenticity. I hope we will have an opportunity to talk again in Las Vegas

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