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God's Hand in our Nation's Freedom

My name is Burke Manning; I am currently enrolled in an honors class titled "American Government and Society." I begin this blog with two purposes in mind. First, to record my thoughts about Gods hand in the early development of our nation for my benefit, and for a record to read at a later time. Second, to have my thoughts available to others in case, by some chance, they are beneficial to someone else as well.

Today, I read one of the pamphlets written by Thomas Paine in the 1700's. As I read, I was so impressed by the powerful language he used to describe the need for liberty in the American colonies. As he talked about every man's inherent right to be free from oppression, I couldn't help thinking about where that idea came from. It is so interesting to see the correlation with my beliefs as a latter-day saint.

We believe that each of us was granted free agency by our Father in Heaven when we came to earth so that we could prove our love for him and live obediently by faith. Isn't it interesting that we each now inherently desire to be free to make choices. I can help wondering if internally we know that it is our Heavenly Father's desire that we each be free choose, and therefore we naturally desire it while here on earth.

I am grateful for the ability to use my freedom each day to make correct choices, thereby communicating to my Heavenly Father my committment to him and his commandments.

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