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John Adams

John Adams played such a significant role in preparing early Americans for the Declaration of Independance. I believe he was led by the spirit as he courageously impowered these young, early politicians with the inner strength to act and declare independance.

During this weeks history class, we watched a movie titled "John Adams". It was a show done on TV a little while back, and portrayed the first several meetings of the first congress of the colonies as they depated the pivital decision of whether or not to declare ndependance, or to simply fight to have their british rights they felt they had lost restored to them.

The video showed how deeply the feelings and emotions of these men were on the matter and gave me suh deep respect and admiration for the hnor that these men had, even those that originally opposed independace from great britain.

Even though it was simply a movie I could somewhat feel and see how guided they were, and how envolved the Lord was in guiding the minds of these men to do something so bold as to declre themselves free from one of the strongest empires in the world during that time. Truly they were led by God, and John Adams was a man meant to be present during that monumetal time to be guided by our father in heaven in leading these men to accomplish Gods will.

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