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President Lincoln

Recently in class we spent time studying and discussing Lincolns 2nd Presidential address, and I was amazed by his vision regarding our nation, and his desire to befriend his neighbors and quickly get back to building a nation that had suffered through out the civil war.

It would have been very easy for him to be extremely hard on the south since he had defeated them, but he took a more neutral stance with "malice towards none." I believe that this act more than any other showed his commitment to his country, and his desire for our nations best interest.

This concept reminds me of how truly lucky we are to have leaders that love the nation they serve. In our current cercumstance as a nation, let us try harder not to be soquick to find wrong with those that serve us in our government, and give each individual his opportunity to prove his abilities to us as a country.

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1 Comment about "President Lincoln"

said this on 02 Jun 2009 3:06:41 PM CDT
Even though Lincoln tried to get past it all, most of the country continued to fight the Civil War for years after it was officially over. Lincoln was a better man than most of us, but the rest of the country was pretty much like we are now.

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