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Decide to Act

There is power in getting involved. My experiences with stepping out of myself and choosing to act has a made all the difference in the world to me. Don't get me wrong. It is hard, but for me it has made all the difference.

When I was younger (I'm 22 now, so by younger I mean a teenager) I was very reserved and quiet. I will never forget something my father told me one day as I was complaining to him about not having any friends because of my shyness. He turned to me and said "Nate you're selfish". Honestly I was taken back by this. I had expected sympathy. He explained that I had so much to offer the world, and that I was selfish not to share it.

I can't say that it was over night that I put this advice into practice, but I have made an effort throughout my life to act rather than be acted upon, and not be selfish with the talents I have. I know that I am not alone as I make these efforts. The Savior’s mission was to help us overcome our weaknesses. I know that my Heavenly Father has been watching over me. He hasn't taken all the difficulties out of making decisions. In fact I've even been rejected for having acted, but I am confident that as I rely on the Lord and prayerfully make decision I will become the person He wants me to be, and share with the world what I have to offer. 

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1 Comment about "Decide to Act"

BYU Women's Services
said this on 29 May 2009 10:35:00 AM CDT
Wow, all the fathers must be in cahoots--mine told me something very similar when I was struggling to make friends.
It's a wonderful moment when you realize that you actually DO have things to offer the world, and that the more you give the more you connect with others. It really is "one eternal round"--like everything God does.
Thanks for sharing.

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