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Staying Clean: Why are Things Growing in My Sink

I live with four other guys in a small apartment, and for some reason it cannot stay clean. You see there is this attitude in our house that goes something like this, "Well, it's not mine so I'm not going to clean it up." You may have heard of it before. It doesn't take long for things to start growing in the sink with this way of thinking.
My roommate and I this afternoon were complaining about our situation when a powerful thought can to me. The thought was it may not be your mess, but it is your house, and it reflects the kind of person you are. You can imagine that this came as a surprise. I humbled myself and went to work. I did all the dishes, swept the floor, cleaned the counters, and took out the trash (which was a rather painful experience, but I survived). The feeling I got after cleaning was to my surprise a feeling of peace. It feels nice to live in a clean place. 

I'm sure the house will get dirty again, but I live here, and I want the spirit to be here with me. I really believe the spirit is offended by a dirty house. I also had a great opportunity to serve my roommates. Maybe my new attitude will rub off on them. As long as this is my house whatever happens here is my problem.   

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