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Missionary Spirit

I’m glad I found this blogspot.  My wife and I have just recently returned from a two-year mission in Mexico City Mexico. We loved our mission and now while we are recuperating, foot surgery for her, neck surgery for me, I think that this is an excellent place for me to keep up my missionary efforts. I enjoy reading the articles and blogs by others that are posted here. I also enjoy participating by chiming in when I have a pertinent thought.
I hope that by participating in this activity I will be able to make some new eternal friends, and that my testimony might strengthen any who happen to read here.

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1 Comment about "Missionary Spirit"

said this on 24 Sep 2009 5:11:48 PM CDT
Hi Bill - I too, feel that writing here is sort of like a mission. I can send out gospel messages and my testimony from my home, and it travels the globe -- from Arizona to Zimbabwe. Plus the messages stay online forever, so even after I am gone, my testimony lives on.

It is a perfect opportunity for people who would love to serve a mission, but who are unable to do so due to health, finances, or other reasons. There are as many ways to spread the good news of the restored gospel as there are people who have a burning testimony. The most important thing is that we do something.

I look forward to reading your postings!

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