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You Can Call Me a “Son” Worshiper

The older that I get, the more I find I have a need to be out in the sun.  My kids call me a sun worshiper.  I’m not sure that it’s true, but I do have this need to get my sun fix.  During the summer, I go to the pool every day that I can so I can swim a few laps, but more importantly, so I can sit in the sun for a few minutes. I go through withdrawals in fall when the pool closes, but at least I can eat lunch outside and it’s usually sunny on my walks. 


Winter and spring make it a little harder for me—but with the right clothes I can get out for a walk and try to catch some rays.  Oh, it’s amazing how much more I appreciate those few minutes of sun when the weather has been bleak. During those dark, cloudy days, I have a need to keep pictures of sun-filled days on the desk top of my computer, just so I can remember how the sun feels.


I love to go to church each Sunday, I’m not sure why, but I just feel better when I go.  The more I learn about Christ, the more I want to try and be a better person.  During those dark, cloudy struggles that I periodically experience, just knowing that Christ is there to help me gives me hope and keeps me going.  Words can not come close to describing my gratefulness and love to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, for the grace and mercy He extends each time I fall short.  I love Jesus Christ—I guess you can just call me a “Son” worshiper!

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