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The Lord's will...

Why is it so hard to truly submit to the Lords will?

For the past day and a half I have been wondering if I really have control of my life or is "everything" in the Lords Hands? There has been so much talk lately about "the secret of Attraction" and how we attract the things we want and need to us.

I have had a hard time with this belief system because I wonder if it makes us feel like we are too much in control? But I wonder, How much control do we have? If the Lord knows best, should I surrender all "control"? But doesn't he want us to learn and grow and make decisions on our own?

Often I find myself wanting something that for some reason is out of reach and yet I have a hard time giving up that desire for what I want, for what I think is "best" for my family. I think if it's meant to be then things will work out, but then again, we know that things aren't always easy and we have to fight for them! Ugh! My mind just goes in circles!!! Why must we want something that we can't have or shouldn't have?

Life is such a learning curve!


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1 Comment about "The Lord's will..."

said this on 25 Sep 2009 2:20:41 PM CDT
Dear Kristen,

Many times I have asked myself the same questions. It seems to me that the answer to your questions falls in between. Yes, we do have some control in our lives to think, to plan, to make goals, but sometimes we are thrown a curve ball and things don’t always go as we plan. The Lord does know what is best for us, but he also expects us to make decisions and to act on those decisions.

It is good to think positively. Lets just say that I wanted to be wonderful pianist but just sat there waiting and wanting to be a wonderful pianist, chances are slim to none that I would ever learn to play the piano well, but if I took piano lessons and really practiced I would have a better chance of playing the piano well.

With this in mind the next step would be to pray to and ask for Heavenly Father’s help and blessing while you were working on playing the piano you would see and feel some real help. The Bible Dictionary says “Faith is a principle of action, and of power.”

Years ago, I didn’t think that Heavenly Father could really be a factor in my life…Boy, was I wrong. Heavenly Father can help us with every aspect of our lives if we will let Him, even things that may seem trivial to other people, we just need to ask. (See Alma 34:17-27)

Don’t ever give up hope of what you want. Sometimes things don’t work out as we hoped, but you have to keep moving forward. Good things will happen, sometimes even better than we thought they should. My motto is: Have faith, work hard, and then eave the rest to the Lord. He WILL help you.

All the best to you,


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