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Removing Sins with the help of the Lord

I had an interesting experience the other day as I was working on a project in my parent’s yard.  They had a basketball standard on the driveway that had been there for years and was no longer in use since my siblings and I have all grown up now.  The project was both easy and hard.  As I was working I related my experience to the Gospel.  I began by getting a sledge hammer and bashing away at the cement around the bottom of the post.  The cement began to chip away and crack, but all this was exhausting and I thought to myself that I couldn't do it alone.  I then went in search of something else to help me get the cemented post out of the ground.  I found a tow rope and hooked it up to the back of my truck and pulled the cemented post right out of the ground.
So it is with our sins and repentance.  When we decide we want to repent we start out on our own "chipping away pieces" until we realize that we can't do it on our own.  I personally don't always use what is available to me and try to do it on my own.  The Savior is right there waiting to help me pull my sins out.  Just like my story before about pulling the cemented post out my truck was right there waiting all I had to do was put the keys in, hook it up to the post and pull it out.  The Savior is waiting to help us all we have to do is ask and the Lord will help us and heal us.

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