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Answered prayer

This morning I was struggling with a creeping despair that I recognized as depression.  For weeks now I have felt sad, weepy and worthless going about my daily tasks without thinking or feeling very much of anything except emptiness.  I felt the prompting of the spirit in my mind as I thought "you have to stop this and turn it around."  I knew this feeling....the still, small voice that has guided me to victory before.  I also knew how to turn it around. 

I went to my bedroom and reached for my scriptures...but my eye caught the most recent copy of the Ensign and I opened it to the article "Truth & Lies".  It spoke of despair, discouragement, despondency and depression as the lies that Satan uses to separate us from Heavenly Father and the joy that He wants for us in this world. I wept and released all the pain I had been holding inside, trying to toughen it out, as I recognized once again how God works in my life in spite of me.  I prayed that He would lighten my spirit and let me focus on the gratitude I have for so many things and let go of the petty defeats that had slowly crept upon me, entangling me in the grasp of Satan. 

I KNOW my Savior lives, I KNOW He loves me and died for me and wants me to be happy, joyful and free.  And I am, once I let go and let God.  Later today I pondered on the fact that God always, always answers my prayers when given from my heart. And I am grateful I am never alone and by listening to the small, still voice I was able to "turn it around" and move forward.

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2 Comments about "Answered prayer"

tom hewitt
said this on 16 Oct 2009 7:56:16 PM CDT
I have the same type of depression, since my wife of only 4 yrs left me , I do not know what to do. I pray to my Heavenly Father every day asking him for help, but I seem to be getting further into a depressed state. Perhaps I am not praying from the heart. How do i know that my prayers are from the heart? Please tell me how to know.

said this on 19 Oct 2009 5:18:51 PM CDT
Tom: I am so sorry for your loss. It is hard to understand sometimes why people do what they do, much less why God allows it. But with our free agency I do not think God is the one that causes such circumstances. Knowing that doesn't help much though and even though I thought I had "turned it around" it wasn't gone forever and I struggle every day.

Even though I know God answered my prayer, it wasn't like I wanted it to be exactly...and so every day I pray and for that day it is gone. When it's back I pray again, and so on.

From the heart? The way I have been taught to pray from the heart is to ask for the courage to accept the will of God, even if the outcome is not how we would have it, as opposed to asking for a specific outcome. I always say, "if it be thy will God, I would like for you to take this sadness from me and lift my spirit, to let me feel the gratitude I have for all that you have done for me, and have thy spirit stay with me always, in the name of thy son, Jesus Christ, Amen."

He always lifts my spirit, just not forever, darn it.

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