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This morning I was given the opportunity to bear my testimony and strengthen it by speaking it outloud, again.  My neighbor is struggling with whether to move by her parents in Colorado or stay in California with her daughter. There are pro's and con's to both but as we spoke I asked her " Do you pray?" She said she did and I said I have found that there are signs from God that direct us once we place our burden in His hands. 

I told her my story, that I left Florida with no place to live after losing my home and all my worldly possessions and moved to California in full faith that God would direct my path.  Living in motels and a rental car my money was dwindling and time running out.  I even called shelters, preparing for the worst and praying all the time for the courage to follow the will of God and the knowledge to know His will. In the shelter I would have to separate from my son because he was an adult male and they housed men and women separately plus I would have to give up my dog, at least temporarily.  My heart hurt with the thought of having to do that but I prayed for the willingness to accept the direction He would show me. Literally, on the last day and last dollar, an apartment opened up and we found a place for all of us to stay together. 

That night, sleeping on the floor of an empty apartment with only clothes from the two suitcases we brought with us as blankets,we thanked God on our knees, grateful for a roof over our heads and the ability to stay together as a family.  A year and a half later with the help of our Ward Bishop we have everything we need, and I am grateful enough still to remember, and share this testimony with others.

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