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Gratitude for the Priesthood

Yesterday, my brother was taken to the emergency room with stroke-like symptoms.  When I received the call, my first thought was to make sure he received a priesthood blessing.  My father and I met at the hospital and were able to give him a blessing. My brother is fine now and did not, it turned out, have a stroke.  But this experience started me thinking about just how blessed we are.

What a privilege it is to belong to the church and have access to the restored priesthood of Jesus Christ, the authority to call down blessings, knowledge and power from heaven, according to the Lord's will, to bless the lives of our family, loved ones, and all humankind.  The priesthood is real.  I have personally experienced so many instances where knowledge and power have been given to ordinary, humble people through the priesthood -- not only through priesthood blessings, but also as they were given priesthood leadership responsibilities in the church. 

I have learned over the years that the blessings of the priesthood are available to everyone: male or female; member of the church or not; married or single.  Those of us who hold the priesthood have a heavy duty to be worthy and to use it to bless the lives of everyone.  I cannot bless myself with the priesthood.  If I need a blessing or counsel, I must turn to a righteous priesthood holder just like any other person.  I can only use my priesthood to bless the lives of others.  Priesthood is all about duty and service to others, following the pattern instigated by Jesus Christ himself when he first gave the priesthood to his disciples in Jerusalem.

I'm so grateful for the priesthood and the blessing it is for our family and loved ones.

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