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Small and Simple Things

My kids are small right now.  L started kindergarten a few months ago, E and I are having preschool at home, and R turned one in August.  I'm having my first glimpse of what life will be like as school and friends are going to become more of an influence on my little ones who are growing bigger.  As a mother my heart aches a little bit when I think of them being tempted and making mistakes.  Not just grabbing the toy away from my little sister mistakes.  Mistakes I wish I had not made.  I want to keep them safe here at home.  We live in a decent area here, but even so the school is not the best and I prayed and prayed about homeschooling my children.  I'm not exactly the homeschool type, but I would try if it meant it would keep my littles safe a little longer.  But the Lord directed me not to try that right now.  I'm not sure why.  It could be that L is a very social little lady and needs that help.  So I just pray and hope and try to have faith.  And do all of those small and simple things that hopefully will make great things come to pass. 

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