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Senior Years

My sister and I are in our mid sixties. We perceive with interest the way members of our wards view us. They do not know we have children or who they are. What have we accomplished in our lives.? How can we possibly be interesting since we are no longer vibrant and young? My sister is divorced she feels divorced women are definately treated differently. We feel any woman who goes to church as a single is treated differently. We are not whining nor finding fault. It is just an observation. It is an adjustment. I think our society puts such great value on being young and productive that the wisdom that once came with age gets lost even among member of our church.

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2 Comments about "Senior Years"

said this on 24 Dec 2009 1:14:35 PM CDT
Your ward needs to hearken to and follow the example of President Monson - who loves the seniors. Be faithful, the Lord is very much aware.

jean dilmore
said this on 23 May 2010 9:23:05 PM CDT
I am a retiree as well, but I feel that all during my time of being a divorcee or a senior citizen, it was up to me to either volunteer or to make sure people know I am willing to work. If you want to be needed, move to Missouri. Most of our areas have small memberships so everyone is needed. I am 64 and I have two callings and visiting teaching. I would probably have more but I babysit some of my grandchildren. I say, step up to the plate and let people know you are willing and able to work.

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