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What it took!

Brothers and Sisters,

Before I begin I would first like to thank those who will take the time to read this and those who support what I love to do (You know who you are!).

I have always been afraid to do this......but today as I was surfing the web looking at different blog sites I came across one specific blog that really upset me. This certain blog was bashing the sale of garments within the Church. Now, I will not share where to find this blog simply because I do not wish to waste anyone's time. Unfortunately the individual who wrote this blog seems to have a vendetta against the church even after being sealed in the temple and enjoy everything the LDS Church has to offer. As I read the blog I couldn't help but feel how unhappy this individual really is and as I pondered everything I had just read I decided that I could no longer run away from what I have always wanted to do.

I ask that those who read this please pray for this individual, pray for him and everyone like him. It is very sad to see how much hate there is in the world and all the different shapes and sizes it comes in. I hope that all I share can be put to good use as we all continue to live accordingly to Heavenly Fathers plan.

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1 Comment about "What it took!"

said this on 14 Feb 2010 9:38:57 PM CDT
Thanks for your insights. I agree that many of those who seem bent on trashing the church seem to be so angry and unhappy. If our goal is happiness, why follow someone who is so unhappy. For me, I'll follow the prophet.

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