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Sunday: A Day to Rejuvenate

Growing up I always thought I was being punished by not being able to do anything on Sundays.  As an adult, I feel like it's a real blessing to not have to do anything on Sundays.  I don't feel like I have to clean the house or do wash, shop or do yardwork.  I feel like Sunday is a day I can relax and rejuvenate and get myself ready for the week ahead.  I can visit friends and family and not feel like I have to get back to something.  I love to go to church and feel the spirit and learn from others.  It is so uplifting for me and makes my whole week go better.  It's hard to explain this concept to someone who doesn't believe how rejuvenating it can be.  But try it and you'll see for yourself what a blessing it is to have one day each week that is different from every other day of the week.  I would love to hear your comments about Sundays.

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1 Comment about "Sunday: A Day to Rejuvenate"

said this on 12 Jun 2008 10:17:11 AM CDT
I have my own business and could work 24/7. There just doesn't seem to be enought time in the day and in the back of my mind I think well I could get this done on Sunday. I've have made a concerted effort not to work on Sundays and not only do I feel more uplifted, but my business seems to be thriving too.

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