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Blessings of a good visiting teacher

Recently I have been thinking about just how much visiting teaching has affected my personal life.

When we first got married to my husband and I moved into a small home in Orem. Shortly after we began attending our ward I was assigned some visiting teachers one of whom was my wonderful neighbor Brooke. We were so blessed to have Brooke and her cute little family of three as wonderful neighbors.  My husband and I were clueless newlyweds we had no idea where to get the best deals, how to fix cars and many other things. My husband wasn't afraid to go over to their house and ask them for help if we needed something and they were always very gracious and helpful. My husband got to know Brook's husband quite well.  They were both Accounting majors in college, so they would talk about it and we got some great advice. 

We lived in our little house for over 2 years of our marriage and during which time my visiting teacher helped us more than she will ever know.  Brooke was always there for me when I was going through a hard time. She was always such a good example to me. I really loved having her as my visiting teacher and as a friend.  She and her husband were our life savers during a difficult time.  I hope they know that. We will be forever grateful for their help.

I know that the lord watches over us.  He knows what we need and he sends us people along our way in the form of visiting teachers and friends who can help us to stay on the right path.

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