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My Story

I joined the LDS church on Oct 19, 1980, at age 20.

All my life I had known in my heart the truths that the LDS church taught but didn't know a church existed that taught those things, specifically, pre-mortality, eternal marriage, and Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit being one in purpose but separate in being. Also, due to much Bible study and extra-canonical study my mom and I did, reading the Book of Mormon was a wonderful experience. I knew it was true, because I knew no one human being could have come up with it, and everything was about Jesus and the atonement, and being born again. No "new age" guru that thinks that one can enter heaven with no effort on their part could have written it. I was baptized one week after the missionaries gave me all the lessons in one day.

Some critics wonder how, even if there was a nation that ended up in a land far from Israel, would they know of Jesus so plainly. I was reading a book a year or so ago that was a compilation of ancient Hebrew scholars who lived before Jesus came the first time, who understood the prophesies that a suffering Messiah would come first. The Book of Mormon people had the Brass Plates, which contained much of what is in our Bible, and they did as the rabbis did, they commented on those passages being filled with the Holy Spirit to understand truth. As I told my husband, why wouldn't Jehovah (Jesus) show these Ancient American prophets about His coming since their offspring were going to be here to witness His coming as well?

God promised that "Joseph would be separate from his brethren," and all through the Old Testament, He mentions the remnant of Joseph. And Joseph was the one out of all the brothers that never had a bad description given of him. It makes sense that his lineage would be chosen to bring forth such wonderful insights into our Savior.

After joining the church, I lived in Pocatello for four years. I would occasionally visit a couple regular protestant churches there and all their pastors could do was gripe about the Mormons and never get on with preaching a sermon. Most of LDS people were wonderful Christian people, but I also found that a few of the LDS ward members there took Jesus for granted and focused more on LDS lifestyle than faith. It made me miss my ward in Missouri.

Now I am in Modesto, CA. My husband goes to church with me, but he is not convinced yet. Any LDS people reading this, please pray for him. May Heavenly Father bless you all.

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