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Questions and Answers

Articles written in response to questions that you submitted. To submit a question, please contact us.

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    Where does the Book of Mormon fit into Bible chronology?

    Do Mormons believe that good works are also required in order for our souls to be saved? That Jesus' death on the cross is not enough?

    Please explain the Mormon view of three separate personages in the Godhead vs. the orthodox Trinitarian doctrine.  Why does the Book of Mormon seem to be Trinitarian in its writings?

    Can the church be true when I see members who act in ways they shouldn't?

    Where is the Urim & Thummim that Joseph Smith used to translate the Book of Mormon?

    When Jesus was teaching and preaching in the temple, who was allowed in the temple?

    Was Jesus ever a Mormon? If so, where and when did he convert, and where in the KJV would it tell me? 

    How do I get the video on finding happiness? 

    Are the Mormons the same as Jehovah's Witnesses?

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