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Why I Believe

Articles containing personal beliefs, stories, and testimonies

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    I do not expect you to believe the story I am going to tell; I know it will sound unbelievable. However, I would ask you to stay open minded.    

    A short story about the first question that eventually led to my joining the church - after having been raised an Evangelical Christian.

    Sometimes good things don't always come right away.  My wife and I learned this through our experience of finding each other.  It took us 50 years to find each other, and for me to find the gospel, so that we could be united and sealed in Heavenly Father's House. The timing was really up to Him.

    Dreams and Visions

    I believe that God has the power to send relelation to us through dreams and teach us things that are important for us personally.  Here is one example of how He has done so in my life so that I could undersand and help my friend.

    Thomas S. Monson
    The gospel has been restored to the earth. We have a Prophet and Apostles in our day. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, the only way to return to Heavenly Father. Repent, be baptized and be saved! Save your ancestors, gain eternal families!

    Optimism in the Lord

    A brief testimony of the Lord and finding optimism in Him in hard times.

    The story of how Basketball and Saturday night dances drew me in, and how someone's personal testimony brought me to believe in Christ, and the restoration of His Church to the earth.

    I am not the same man today that I was a year ago! It has indeed been a journey to be baptized in the true church.  This is my story.  At some point, one must realize that change is inevitable and you come to the realization that everyone is a teacher leading you to His kingdom on earth. Before Paul became an apostle, he ridiculed Christians. Then, he was taught by a Rabban--the highest Rabbi. Later, when the resurrected Lord commissioned him, Paul straightaway preached Christ in the synagogues, that He is the Son of God (Acts 9:20). So I will do the same, and follow his example and share my experience and testimony.  Coincidence is Gods way of staying anonymous as he leads you to the right path.

    This is my story and my testimony of living with and overcoming disability through love and faith in the Lord. I am proud of being handicapped, which just means your Spirit was so great in the pre-existence that the Lord gave you your own special handicap that no one else but you can handle.  I feel that I'm better off than a lot of people.  Everyone has their own handicap, big or small, that you must overcome. The Lord lives and he cares about all his children, so don't give up. I sure didn’t.  My life has been more full because of the Lord, I LOVE HIM FIRST OVER EVERTHING. I know the church is true.

    Many youth and young adults in the church want to talk to those around them about the gospel but aren’t sure who to talk to, but returned missionary Paul Brooks from the Romford Stake in the United Kingdom has no problem finding people to listen to him! As a radio presenter at his local radio station, he finds his hobby is a great way to talk about the church and gain friendships with those around him.

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