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Start Here is a free resource where Mormons can create a personal page, write their own blog, post articles, answer questions, and submit comments. 

First, some definitions:

  • A blog is the easiest way to start sharing your thoughts and feelings on the internet. A blog is simply a series of entries, similar to journal entries, where you can share stories, thoughts, ideas, testimony, experiences, and gospel teachings that you feel would be interesting to the global community. Each blog has a title and is organized by date and author.
  • An article is similar to a blog but is a more organized presentation of a subject that you are interested in. It can include stories, thoughts, ideas, testimony, experiences, and gospel teachings. Articles can also include images. Articles have a title and a summary and are organized by category and author.
  • Comments include feedback, questions and comments that you would like to make about an article or blog that someone else submitted. You can also leave comments about other people's comments, making it more like a conversation than a lecture. If someone leaves a comment about one of your articles, you will receive an email notice, so that you can reply to the comment if you like. Your email address is always kept private.
To get started, create a free account by selecting "Become an Author" under My Menu to the right. When you register to become an author, you will create a username and password (which you will use to log in and submit/edit your postings). You will also be required to enter your name, email address, and a brief biography. You may upload a picture if you like. Your name will appear next to all of your submissions. Although we recommend that you use your real name, you may use a screen name if you prefer. Your email address is kept private and will NOT be displayed on the website. Your email address will only be used to notify you if a comment has been posted to one of your submissions, or if we need to contact you about a submission. The biography and picture will be viewable on the website.

Login Once you have registered to become an author, you can login by selecting "Account Login" in My Menu. Then, you can submit content by selecting "Submit Article" or "Submit Blog" in My Menu. You can review and edit your previous submissions by selecting "My Submissions" in My Menu. You can also change your password, or edit your name or biography by selecting "My Account" in My Menu.

If you need help, please feel free to contact us.

When submitting content, please observe our Community Rules. All submitted items will be reviewed by the site administrators before they can be posted. Please allow up to 24 hours for your items to appear.

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